The Best SEO Company would take into account all aspects of your business. The standard SEO procedures that most companies have in place are usually checklist in nature, and often don’t address the reasons you would want to optimise for certain keywords based on the subject matter of your site.

The average SEO would carry out the following procedures like clockwork.

• Website Content Analysis
• Keywords Research and Competition analysis.
• SEO Copyrighting (Creating Content)
• On-site Optimization (Meta, title, headers, snippets creation)
• Off-site Optimization (Link Building Process)

In addition to these, the Best SEO Company would take a heavily analytical view on every aspect of the site and help you develop a long term marketing plan to maximise your budget and help create a long standing business relationship. It’s important to hire a company with extended experience in business development in other areas, as well as online marketing and SEO.

The Best SEO company would treat your site as if it were their own. Constantly look out for your business’s best interests, whilst helping you make calculated decisions in regards to the direction you would like to take your business in. Search Engine Optimisation is far from a simple process and has many facets, which make it devoid of a black and white approach.

The Best SEO Company would set its sights on your fundamental goal, to increase traffic to your site. But not until they have identified your ultimate business priorities, so that your ROI is truly maximised.

Be sure to check out the Lemon Interactive portfolio and testimonials from past and current clientele to get an idea of where our expert competencies lie. What will also become apparent is the kind of stance we take to going that extra mile to help develop your business.