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Google to list how many clicks a PPC ad receives – Good or Bad news?

Google are beta testing showing how many clicks a PPC ad has received.

That means advertisers with long running successful ads with high CTR’s will be instantly recognisable to competitors with low CTR ads. It also means new advertisers can easily copy the best ads.

Is this good news or bad news? IMO it only helps poor advertisers get better at the expense of the good ones.

Google ties up with Twitter


Google has announced a tie up with Twitter which will allow TWEETS to appear in organic Google listings. Now, clearly this will drive traffic to Twitter from Google… so there has to be some form of financial incentive to this. Do we see ADSENSE in Twitter on the horizon then? Perhaps a new version of Adsense for mobile which will be alongside Twitter apps??

Once again though, our results in Google are gong to be full of more crap! We need to start making the results more relevant and accurate.

Let us know what you think about this!!!

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